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The Problem

Cambodia is in its third decade of peace and strong economic growth, and has made major strides in improving health and reducing poverty. With ambitious plans to continue this progress, the Royal Government of Cambodia is seeking to expand its social protection programs, including health insurance schemes that protect people from impoverishing health care costs. At the same time, the country is undergoing a decentralization and de-concentration process, in which responsibility for planning, budgeting, and implementing health programs is being shifted from national ministries to provincial governors and health departments. The government identified a need for targeted technical assistance as it pursues these efforts.

What We’re Doing

LHSS is enhancing Cambodia’s institutional capacity to oversee and expand social health protection, and ensuring that health financing functions remain strong as decentralization proceeds. We are collaborating with government partners to:

  • Build an accountable, transparent monitoring system to help national authorities effectively manage the social health protection policies
  • Support provincial authorities in planning, budgeting, and implementing effective health programs, including HIV/AIDS programming

Who This Helps

Our work will benefit all Cambodians, particularly poor and vulnerable people, people with HIV, and others needing improved access to quality, essential health services, and protection from health care costs that could deepen financial hardship.