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The Problem

The government of Madagascar struggles to serve the health needs of all its citizens due to budget constraints and ongoing economic and health crises. Years of underfunding have led to unmotivated health workers, weak health infrastructure, and drug stock-outs. Further, multiple changes in the Ministry of Public Health’s leadership have caused delays in implementing the country’s universal health coverage strategy.

What We’re Doing

LHSS is working with the government of Madagascar to examine the country’s capacity to increase access to health services and financial protection for the Malagasy people, strengthen use of strategic health service purchasing, and engage in effective public-private partnership. We will:

  • Assess service coverage, financial protection, and health service purchasing mechanisms within public and private sector institutions
  • Develop recommendations and facilitate public-private collaboration in strategies to achieve universal health coverage

Who This Helps

Our work will build the capacity of key Ministry of Public Health stakeholders to better understand the country’s health coverage and financial protection mechanisms and identify opportunities to strengthen those systems. Ultimately, all citizens of Madagascar would benefit from a strengthened health system that offers accessible, affordable, high-quality essential health services.