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The Problem

Since the national revolution in 2011, USAID investments in Tunisia have focused on economic growth, and democracy and governance. However, with the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic, there is renewed attention to health and an interest from USAID to explore the possibility of also providing support to Tunisia’s health sector. Some concerns include the drop in childhood immunization, deteriorating access to safe water, sanitation, and hygiene -- especially in schools -- and a lack of preparedness for health emergencies.

What We’re Doing

LHSS is assessing Tunisia’s health sector to understand the magnitude and status of its challenges and how they might affect overall development goals in the country. We will identify areas within the health sector where USAID investments could mitigate weaknesses revealed by the pandemic.

Our work will progress in two phases:

  • Conduct a rapid desk review of existing policies and secondary data sources to describe the status of Tunisia’s health sector
  • Gather more information on selected priority topics for additional analyses and identification of potential areas for action

Who This Helps

Our findings will serve as the basis for USAID to identify opportunities for future health system strengthening investments in Tunisia, which will in turn benefit all Tunisians in need of access to high-quality, essential health services.