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Refurbishing the Only COVID-19-Specific Genomic Sequencing Machine in Tajikistan


Image of genomic sequencing for Delta variant

Genomic sequencing of the COVID-19 Delta variant.



Accurate and timely identification of COVID-19 variants in circulation is critical to an effective COVID-19 response that includes vaccines and other measures employed by the Ministry of Health and Social Protection of the Population in Tajikistan.

Beginning in May 2021, LHSS collaborated with the government of Tajikistan to refurbish the country’s only COVID-19 specific genomic sequencing machine to test for COVID-19 variants. Following the delivery of parts and equipment, LHSS supported training for laboratory specialists on genomic sequencing of COVID-19 virus variants.

In March 2022, World Health Organization-certified experts delivered training for six laboratory specialists from the Tajik State Research Institute of Preventive Medicine, who learned how to analyze, record, and report results. They also learned how to maintain the sequencer and other equipment. After the training, Tajikistan’s national laboratory system for the first time has the capacity to identify and report COVID-19 variants, such as Delta and Omicron.