Conduct Telemedicine Landscape Assessment in Ukraine


Information and understanding of the breadth and capacity of telemedicine in Ukraine is currently disparate, incomplete, and does not meet the needs of decision-makers to inform prioritization of investment and policy decision-making. Moreover, the Russian invasion has altered Ukraine’s landscape and capabilities, and made the need to provide health services more urgent.

LHSS seeks to rapidly increase in-depth understanding of the priority medical services and geographic areas for telemedicine (especially for vulnerable populations), current telemedicine technical capacity and infrastructure, relevant players in the telemedicine space, and in Ukraine. Rapid studies compiled in a holistic landscape analysis will inform the ministry of health (MOH) as it seeks to address emergent health needs as well as longer term telemedicine implementation development by the MOH technical working group.

The local subcontractor will work closely with the LHSS Ukraine activity, including receiving quality assurance from LHSS Ukraine, to conduct a series of rapid studies on specific telemedicine facets and then compile those studies into a holistic landscape analysis of telemedicine in Ukraine.

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