Grants/Requests for Proposals

Why Grants?

LHSS grants are one part of LHSS's approach to strengthen sustainable host country health systems capacity. Through grants under contract, LHSS engages with local institutions and organizations to build their capacity, developing their administrative and management capabilities to compete for and implement direct awards from USAID and/or other clients and donors. This work represents an essential aspect of sustainable health systems strengthening at the local level. Grants under contract has a total budget of up to $20 million over the five-year life of the project.


The LHSS grants program is designed for non-governmental organizations (NGOs), not-for-profit and for-profit private entities, and local partner government organizations. NGOs are organizations that act neither in governmental capacity nor as agents of the government. Both U.S. and non-U.S. NGOs and private commercial entities are eligible to receive grant funding. LHSS accepts grant applications from not-for-profit and for-profit organizations as well as government entities (for in-kind grants only).

Current Opportunities
Deadline for submission:
Keywords for technical expertise needed:
Community Based Organization, CBO, LBGTQI, health care, human rights, protection, vulnerable populations, gender-based violence, safe spaces, local governments, essential health services, migrant, migrant care

The goals and objectives of this grant contribute to Goal 2 of the overall LHSS activity: increase population coverage. A person's ability to access health care should not depend on their economic status, sexual orientation, or immigration status. LHSS will help local governments improve access to essential health services and ensure that health services meet the needs of all clients.

The objectives of this grant are:

  1. Contribute to linking LGBTQI+ migrant and non-migrant populations to safe spaces in Peru for health care, human rights protection, and attention to gender-based violence.
  2. Strengthen the capacities of 8 CBOs to welcome LGBTQI+ migrant and non-migrant populations and link them to health care services, human rights protection services, attention to survivors of gender-based violence, among others.
  3. Enhance, expand, or improve the grantee’s technical, financial, or administrative capacity

The Grantee will implement the intervention(s) in collaboration with 8 Community Based Organizations (CBOs) previously identified by LHSS. The CBOs, which will serve as a point of welcome and connect LGTBQI+ migrant and non-migrant populations and other vulnerable populations to necessary health care services, including human rights protection, and care for gender-based violence.

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