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Equitable Access


Advancing Equitable Access to Essential Health Services

 Our work at the global, country, and community levels advances USAID’s vision of health systems that afford “every individual a fair opportunity to attain their highest level of health regardless of social or demographic factors, with particular emphasis on underserved, socially excluded, and vulnerable populations.”

LHSS works to enhance equity by fostering interaction and inclusion across the public and private sectors, within civil society, and between the local system actors and communities. 

Global Topics & Activities

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LHSS is working alongside local partners to analyze system bottlenecks, co-develop clear strategies and durable policies for delivering comprehensive, high-quality health services for migrants and…
LHSS is working to document successful efforts in integrating social determinants of health into health (SDoH) workforce education, training, and service delivery for improved quality and equity in…
LHSS supports activities that aim to improve the inclusion of persons with disabilities. This comprises the promotion of braille and sign language interpretation as part of local health…

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