Democratic Republic of the Congo


The Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) is home to high levels of natural resources, but it is also one of the world’s poorest countries, severely limiting its ability to improve its health care system. Ensuring sustainable health financing is a primary goal to advance universal health coverage (UHC).  

Our Approach

Through close collaboration with the Government of DRC, LHSS is working with the Ministry of Health, both at the central and provincial levels, on long-term health system sustainability planning, specifically to - 

  • Increase understanding of gaps and opportunities to strengthen governance and health financing.
  • Reduce financial barriers to accessing and providing care at the point of service delivery.
  • Develop the Government of DRC’s institutional capacity for public financial management.
  • Identify and support selected Ministry of Health directorates with key stewardship roles in health financing for UHC.  

Progress Highlights

  • LHSS conducted a health financing landscape analysis, identifying gaps and opportunities in the mobilization, pooling, and purchasing of health services. The analysis also covered the status of public finance management to strengthen health governance and financing in the DRC.
  • In collaboration with the Kinshasa School of Public Health, LHSS assessed the technical, administrative, and financial feasibility of implementing a flat-rate pricing policy in the DRC. Findings from this assessment informed recommendations for establishing a national financial protection approach within DRC’s universal health coverage framework.
  • LHSS completed an assessment of the institutional, organizational, and technical capacity of the Ministry of Health’s Financial Directorate using a capacity self-assessment tool. Assessment findings informed the creation of a roadmap to strengthen the Directorate’s capacities in the assessment areas.

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