مشروع استدامة النظم الصحية المحلية

USAID Local Health System Sustainability Project


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Recent health statistics in Jordan show progress in people’s access to and use of essential health services, including maternity and antenatal care and family planning. However, significant shortfalls remain in the quality of services, resulting in poorer health outcomes in Jordan compared to other countries in the region with similar levels of health expenditures. 

LHSS supports the Government of Jordan’s efforts to institutionalize a mandatory continuing professional development system to improve health care professionals’ competencies to deliver quality health services.

In collaboration with the Ministry of Health (MOH), we will develop the capacity of relevant MOH departments and key national institutions to lead and manage all CPD activities by:

  • Strengthen the Jordanian contact tracing system;
  • Provide rapid support to improve Jordan's immediate COVID-19 diagnostic capacity and address gaps in Jordan's lab network for infectious disease detection;
  • Provide assistance to private and public sector partners for COVID-19 case management and surge support;
  • Advocate to develop a legal framework for telemedicine services; and
  • Provide flexible assistance for emergent COVID-19 response activities.