Local Health System Sustainability Project


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The Government of Madagascar outlined its national strategy for attaining universal health coverage (UHC) in 2015. The strategy aims to provide the population with access to quality health services without the risk of financial hardship and protect people from risks affecting their health.  

The Ministry of Public Health’s UHC Support Unit has been tasked with coordinating interventions to achieve the strategy’s objectives. However, a 2019 implementation plan for the National UHC Strategy has not yet been finalized, and the Ministry of Public Health’s leadership has undergone multiple changes. Without a clear roadmap or steady leadership, progress has stalled. 

LHSS is working with the Ministry of Public Health to build its capacity to lead discussions on how to best implement the National UHC Strategy and effectively coordinate key stakeholders in the process. We will help the UHC Support Unit to: 

  • Conduct a self-assessment of its capacity, identify key organizational capacity development needs, and effectively meet its mandate  
  • Interpret existing studies on financial risk protection and their implications for the National UHC Strategy and its implementation, and identify information gaps and how to fill them  

Ultimately, all citizens of Madagascar will benefit from a strengthened health system that offers accessible, affordable, high-quality essential health services.