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As of the end of 2020, Peru had received some 1.1 million Venezuelan migrants, and this influx has strained the health system. Venezuelan migrants living with HIV are unable to access treatment and other health services they need, in part because they are unable to enroll in Peru’s Seguro Integral de Salud, or Comprehensive Health Insurance. There is limited data on the number of migrants living with HIV and how many of these individuals need treatment. Further, the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted Peru’s HIV response, threatening previous progress and making it harder to ensure treatment continuity and improve outcomes for migrants living with HIV.

Using a health system strengthening approach to improve HIV prevention and treatment services, LHSS is collaborating with government partners to:

  • Assess health system capacity to meet migrants’ needs for HIV services
  • Strengthen the Ministry of Health’s capacity to ensure availability of HIV services, medicines, and commodities for the Venezuelan migrant population
  • Support planning for cross-border continuity of HIV care for migrants

Our work will help strengthen the evidence base so the government can ensure access to HIV services not only for Venezuelan migrants, but for all people living with HIV in Peru.