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Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning


Facilitating Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning

MEL is a critical crosscutting technical area supporting the design, implementation, learning and adaptation across LHSS project activities. Much of our work is dedicated to helping USAID and local actors understand the specific dynamics of a health system challenge they face, and then recommending actions, based on the evidence and local context.

Global Topics & Activities

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LHSS contributes to USAID’s HSS Learning Agenda by developing and maintaining the HSS Evidence Gap Map. This Mapping identifies existing literature examining the impact of health systems…
Status: Ongoing
LHSS partnered with two government health facilities in Tete Province, Mozambique, to introduce six people-centered indicators to program staff, providers, and clients to validate and refine the…
LHSS integrates complexity-aware monitoring, evaluation, and learning principles and approaches throughout many of its activities to measure the complex and non-linear results of health systems…

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