With funding from USAID Latin America and the Caribbean Bureau, LHSS is working in Honduras to improve social health protection for women in high-migration contexts. Women experience a range of vulnerabilities that drive migration and could be alleviated by expanding social health protection. These vulnerabilities include high rates of gender-based violence, lack of economic opportunity, as well as persistent and devastating climate events that have increased the risk of food insecurity and loss of livelihood. Women migrants and those at risk of migration lack social health protection and face financial barriers to using health care when they need it.

With a goal towards strengthening local capacity and developing sustainable solutions, LHSS partners with key stakeholders in Honduras, including the Interagency Intersectoral Board of Health and Migration (Mesa Interagencial Intersectoral de Salud y Migración (MIISM)). LHSS also collaborates with USAID and regional stakeholders, including the International Organization for Migration, Pan American Health Organization, Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS, Interagency Coordination Platform for Refugees and Migrants.


     LHSS is working with the Government of Honduras and its partners to:

    • Enhance social health protection mechanisms that ‎increase access to high-quality health services ‎for migrant women.
    • Increase awareness of efforts to expand access to social health protection for migrant women.

    Progress Highlights

    • LHSS supported the Interinstitutional Interagency Board of Health and Migration in Honduras in validating a four-year Roadmap for Strengthening Social Health Protection for Women and Children in High-Migration Contexts in Honduras. The Board is incorporating the Roadmap’s recommendations into its Strategic Plan 2023-2026.
    • LHSS published two Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) seasonal regional newsletters titled, “Insights: Migration and Health in Latin America and the Caribbean.” The newsletters, which include reports, blogs, and events from LHSS Activities within Latin America, as well as other regional resources from international organizations, were shared with over 290 individuals. 



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