Strengthening Civil Society’s Role in Resilient Health Systems

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Civil society organizations are uniquely placed within health systems, shaping policy and working at the grassroots level to bring health care to their communities. Their added value to health systems, such as their community connections and credibility, supports government sustainability and creates an overall more resilient health system. 

This webinar will explore how civil society supports more resilient health systems through the strengthening of their health workforce and community health workers, a key component of any health intervention. Speakers will highlight their unique experiences supporting local health systems and delivering community-led health initiatives through CHWs. 

This webinar is supported by the USAID Bureau for Global Health, the New Partnerships Initiative Expanding Health Partnerships (NPI EXPAND) Project, and the USAID Local Health System Sustainability Project (LHSS). Among the speakers are representatives of local organizations that are receiving LHSS capacity development support to sustainably partner with the governments of Jamaica and Jordan to expand the COVID-19 response and strengthen health system resilience.